Quick and easy Aircon air conditioning unit troubleshooting tips

Aircon air conditioning unit repair and maintenance is not simple always and in such times, seeking the help of a professional air conditioning contractor is important. However, to avoid such complex issues from arising and to maintain your unit in proper working condition, you can follow some your follow a few maintenance tips. Any Aircon air conditioning owner can use the below-mentioned repair tips.
·         Power Supply:
Air conditioning maintenance program starts by making sure that the unit is powered and running. This involves checking if there is correct air flow in the vent system and to ensure the unit is connected properly to a functional power supply. So in case of no proper air flow, clicks or any sign of power, you should examine breaker box inside the unit or the one located closest to your unit as well as the primary house mains. If you observe tripped breakers, check if there are no obvious signs of fire hazards and then only try to reset the breakers.
·         Dirty filter:
If the unit is working, but the airflow is not proper and sluggish then examine the air filter of the unit. Just a simple cleaning of the air filter can help solve the issue. Cleaning out the filters should be included in your regular maintenance regime of the Aircone air conditioning unit. This is because a clogged filter may even result in an entire system failure owing to ice built-up in the condenser fins. Make sure you switch off the power supply of the unit for a fair amount of time to let the ice melt off.
·         Dirty or clogged condenser fin:
Clogged or dirty filters result in the clogged condenser. But, cleaning the condenser is a little tricky than compared to cleaning the air filter. You should purchase a ‘fin’ brush and use it to clean out the inner side of the condenser fin.
·         Condenser fan motor:
If everything is working correctly, but still the unit does not work, you should then examine the unit’s condenser fan motor. Certain issues can be as easy as loosely connected wires. However, even if in case the wire connection is burned, the homeowner can manage the issue and repair it.
Apart from these issues, other tips you should consider are:
·         Ensuring that the size of your Aircon air conditioning unit is perfect for your home and fits in the space properly as well. Remember, bigger is not always better.
·         Apart from your maintenance regime, you should also allow a professional and expert technician to carry out a maintenance check once in every 2 or 3 months.
·         If you have a centralized Aircon system, then make sure you have all the ducts installed properly by an aircon expert near you.

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