Dealing with unwanted touching of your baby

The little one appears to be so cute, as it appears no surprise that people would notice. Strangers holding your baby all of a sudden would annoy you. But there are various ways by which you can deal with this situation and pass on the message that you are not comfortable with stranger touched by newborn.

You can be polite but firm

It is your child; no matter that it is no big deal to touch the hands or face of your little one. Speak up! If it bothers you. You can resort to mechanisms like” I am worried that the baby could have germs, so it is better if you avoid touching” have a smile on your face which will convey that you are not mean but donning a protective hat. But still if the touching continues you can adopt an aggressive stance” I am not comfortable with someone touching my baby, so better if you could stay away from it.

Blaming the baby

You can convey to people that your little one does not respond to touch by strangers. They are going to have an immediate melt down or roll back if anyone goes on to touch her. No one would want to be part of a baby losing it.

Walk away

If you notice a stranger walking up to your baby and about to touch your baby just move away and walk in an opposite direction. In case if you are in a restaurant place a high chair between you and your spouse. This would work well when you are at a booth acting as a buffer between baby and the others.

Create signs

There are signs that you can incorporate which most of the first time mothers have gone on to formulate. This would hang down from the car seat or a baby stroller. The messages that are part of the signs are” Wash your hands before you are touching the child”. In the very least instance it would make a person think seriously before they are going to touch your child.

Some coverage

A decent coat of netting can be incorporated over the car seat or a stroller. During the summer months this would go on to keep the bugs at bay as the strangers are not going to touch your baby in moving to and about.

To conclude the unwanted touching of your new born can be compared to the unwanted touching of your pregnant belly. You might allow anyone to touch your baby if they ask you in a polite manner, but what would be a cause of surprise would be strangers who are totally unknown to you might come and touch the pregnant belly. This would replicate a situation that personal manners are a think of the past. Such has the cause of concern that laws have been put in place to stop this mechanism. Though the best course of action would be to touch them back and asks how it feels.

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