Make-up for Certain Eye Colours

The art of a make-up is a difficult one. Sometimes women pay attention to the eye shape, in other cases they take into account the outfit and hair colour. But even the colour of the eyes may influence the choice of make-up kit. And today the right colour combinations for different eye shades are on top of the agenda.

Look for a chromatic or spectrum circle on the Internet that is very simple to use. Guided by that advice, one may enjoy the craft of perfect make-up. The contrasting colours complete each other perfectly. E.g. if you put on a yellow jacket, violet eye shadows will go well with it. There exist some other basic rules too. Light eyes look scary in combination with black shadows. And vice versa, dark eyes seem pale and dull when accompanied by light colours.

The most universal colour is grey, and there is a wide scope of different shades of this colour that help each girl to find something to her taste. For example, the combination of grey shadows with black mascara will be suitable for nearly everyone. It adds expression and passion to your look. Even the shade of eyes can be changed with the help of such make-up. The principles recommended by make-up artists are as follows:

1. Very light, almost white eye shadows should be put under the brows. Shade them in order to eliminate the boundaries.

2. The upper lead should be marked by the eye shadows of the same colour that you have near the pupil. This colour is also used as a highlighter.

3. The darker eye shadows are put closer to the outward part of the lead.
4. The usage of black mascara is a must.

Keep in mind that dark shades make the eyes look smaller while the light ones seem to open the eyes. Tanned women look better with dark eye shadows on because these colours look unnaturally on the dark skin.

Blue eyed girls should use silvery shades or stick to contrasting black and white spectrum. A warm brown and copper will suit you.

Brown eyes demand make-up matched with an outfit you wear, only girls with dark eyes are allowed to do that (or just wear your prescription sunglasses to hide your eyes!). Pastel shades with beige eye shadows are also on trend. Pink and blue should combine with shadows and blushes, and bright clothes should be accompanied by bright make-up in turn, but try not to make it vulgar.

Light eyes do not allow bright make-up. Use natural colours. In order not to look pale, accentuate eye brows and lashes. Brown mascara will be great.

Green eyes are marked by the usage of beige, grey and platinum eye shadows that contribute to the natural beauty of the eyes. Violet and blue colours are prohibited. Instead, one may choose brown, orange or golden shades. The mascara can be either black or dark brown.

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