Less Is More: The Benefits of Using a Minimalist Phone

The world today boasts of 6 billion cell phone subscribers, of which 500 million are smartphone users. This leaves behind a remnant of about 5.5 billion users who happen to be the proud owners of minimalist phones which are essentially phones with a primary focus on making phone calls, conserving battery, so on and so forth.  While smartphones seem to have consumed pretty much every avenue of our lives, there happens to be a certain number of benefits that come about from using a minimalist phone.

Battery Life

Basic phones have a battery life that extends over days, sometimes even weeks. You won't have to bother charging it every night or every day like you do your smartphone. The reason for this is that they consume less energy in comparison with a smartphone. This is attributed to the screen size and the lack of powerful processors running fancy apps that drain their batteries.


The price of a minimalist phone is fairly less when compared to overpriced smartphones. The advancement of technology has brought about the advent of basic phones with great cameras, high-resolution screens, and good interfaces at a very reasonable price. You no longer need to shell out huge sums of money for a smartphone that would pretty much have the same functionality as one of these basic phones.


The earlier technology trend was to make phones as small as they could get so they would fit in just about anywhere. This seems to have changed over time as big touch screens have resulted in bigger phones. The bigger the phone, the more difficult it is to fit it in your pocket, or even to clutch in some cases. With minimalist phones, this problem is completely eradicated as they come in compact sizes.


Touchscreen phones are delicate and susceptible to scratches and shattered screens when dropped. Not to forget, the cost that comes with replacing a simple screen. Basic phones are sturdy and resistant as the screen size is reduced. There is a front case that protects the keyboard of the phone making it all the more durable.



Smartphones are a major distraction mainly due to notifications across various platforms of social media, high-resolution games, fancy messaging apps, so on and so forth. A basic phone, however, does nothing that you don't need it to do! With no distractions, and no notifications you refrain from constantly checking your phone, thereby paying attention to the task at hand leading to increased levels of productivity.

Punkt offers a number of minimalist phones which are not only sturdy, durable and resistant but also visually stunning!

Minimalist phones do far more good than a regular smartphone as it provides you with exactly what you need and nothing extra. This limits exposure to screens, wastage of time on multiple applications and hours of endless scrolling. If you're looking for a more productive you, then getting a basic phone wouldn't be too bad an idea.

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