Benefits Of Superior Dye Sublimation Printing Over Old Printing Techniques

A new innovative way of printing by dye sublimation is a breakthrough scientific method and produces higher-quality images than the conventional methods. It is a digital printing technology which enables the reproduction of various colorful images on everyday items that include novelties and clothing. Unlike the conventional mode of printing like the screen printing, it is not a labor-intensive process and requires less involvement.

Benefits of printing by dye sublimation: This type of printing can be set up and used for production very quickly and is inexpensive when compared to conventional printing. It is the ideal choice of printing for creating personalized items as well as for producing mass products. Moreover, beautiful and permanent colors can be embedded on the fabric or the materialand will never fade or crack after repeated washing.

It saves a lot of time: The availability of dye sublimation printing has made the printing process very convenient and it is simpler in comparison to conventional methods. Now, the images can be applied through the computer and printed in special type of transfer page with sublimation inks. This can be further applied along with images to the target objects when the print transfer work will start. The transfer paper is pressed by a heat press at around 204 degrees Celsius which enables the sublimation ink to get transferred to the material.

The heat gets removed after a minute and the transfer paper is being peeled off from the object. This produces a permanent and full-color image on the substrate and the whole process takes less than twenty minutes to complete. It is a big save of time, considering the number of steps involved in the printing process, right from designing to production.

It saves a lot of space: Printers that are used for dye sublimation printing rangein their size from standard ink-jet based printers to medium or slightly large ink-jet printers. Multiple or large printers are not required for printing on different packages and this offers a big saving in space.

Less cost: Analogue type of printing is not cost effective particularly when small batches of prints are necessary. This is due to the amount of time required to prepare the design and complete the production in conventional printing. Thus, the choice of analog printing is always going to be more costly whether you need to print on one or multiple objects.

The availability of innovative technology of sublimation printing has made the process of printing much easier. Now, the excellent quality of printing can be produced within a short time period by using a relatively inexpensive computer, printer and heat press. This is a good reason for conversion of analog to dye sublimation technology for printing and producing full-color transfer very affordably.

Very low energy required: The technology for digital Dye sublimation printing is an evolving one and the ways of operating this technology are more efficient than conventional ones. The downtime for changing the ink is nil with this technology, which was not possible with the earlier technologies.

Since the post-printing washing operation is not required in this type of printing, additional cost savings can be made towards the end. Also, wastebeing produced in this type of digital printing is also low when compared to the conventional mode of printing.Find out more.

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