5 Amazing Advantages of Using Carbide Cutting Tools

 The productivity of the machining system relies heavily on the quality and performance of the cutting tools being used. It is important to select the right material of construction for cutting tools which can perform at high speed and last long under rigorous operating conditions.

To cope with the increased demand for quality cutting tools, cutting tool suppliers have been trying hard to develop quality products which meet the demand. This has resulted in the development of two types of cutting tools which are High-Speed Steel and Carbide cutting tools.  Clearly, the cutting tools made from Carbide have got a lot of improved properties and advantages than the HSS cutting tools.

What is Carbide Cutting Tool? Carbide is basically a binary compound made from carbon which is mixed with another element. For making industrial cutting tools the extra ingredient is chosen from either tungsten or titanium. Though Titanium is stronger and reliable than Tungsten, it is more expensive to use and this may be a critical factor for more preference of Tungsten.

Carbide cutting tools are widely used in various types of lathes like CNC, Turret, Engine, etc and are used for metal cutting. The use of carbide in the tip means these cutting tools will have a strong resistance to wear and a long working life. These tools ensure a long working life and are very robust in construction for which these are selected for operations of rough and finish turning.

These type of cutting tools can be made carbide tipped or from entirely from carbide. However, it is always better to use carbide tipped cutting tools than tools made out of carbide entirely. This is because solid carbide tools are prone to fractures very often and lose its strength fast than the Carbide tipped cutting tool.

There are a lot of advantages related to the use of Carbide cutting tools which are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Highly cost effective: Carbide has a unique property of quick dissipation of heat than steel and this reason helps to use the tool continuously. This way the productivity of machine can increase a lot which means cost saving. Moreover, the cutting tool made out of carbide can last much longer compare d to a steel cutting tool.

Better quality cuts and finish: Cutting tools made out of carbide retains their shape even after repeated use and the edge remains neat and sharp always without any dents. This can produce a clear-cut and high quality of the material being processed and there is no need for buffing again. Thus the fabricated pieces can be ready for shipping and use almost immediately after production.

Can be repaired and replaced easily: It is easier to repair a cutting tool made from carbide easily and the original finish can be retained easily by simply grinding the tip. Moreover, it is much easier to replace the carbide tip and this reason makes use of such cutting tool worthwhile.

Lower maintenance cost: Since the life of the cutting tool made from carbide is longer than steel cutting tool, the maintenance cost for such tools is very low.

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