4 Tips To Hold A Successful Open House

In order to get a good offer for your home, you have to put attention to detail and perfection whilst preparing your house for a sale, as that will help you increase your chances. That being said, if you have got a property that is presentable, dirtless, priced correctly and located in a reputable area, then you are all good to go for an open house. To make sure your open house event becomes successful, read along the tips given below.

Let’s begin.

1.  Advertising everywhere
One great way to reach out to people is through advertisement. So, make some noise and let people know that you’re selling your house. Post your internet listings everywhere and do not leave any single website. Write a good description, add in some colourful text and place that ad in open house directories or web classifieds a week before you hold an open house. While you are at it, do not forget your social media accounts. Post your advertisement on Facebook or Twitter account. Now, though everyone uses the Internet these days, do not forget to put those traditional methods to use. Do post your advertisement in a newspaper favoured by everyone.

On the day when you’ll be conducting the open (Sunday would be the ideal day!), strategically place mapped signs around your neighbourhood. For easy navigation, make sure that the signs are placed in other block on the way to your home right from the main street. If there is a busy intersection near your home, place up your signs there too. Also, to ensure that your signs catch every passer-bys attention, attach a pair of balloons and put up giant arrows that point towards the right direction.

2. Preparing your home
To make your home look picture perfect, you must have done all the cleaning and decluttering well before you advertised it. But, for an open house, you need to make some different arrangements that will make your home look more pleasing for the attendees.
     Let the light play at your house. Open all the curtains and window coverings. If you feel that the light is still low, turn on every other light in your house.
     Make sure that your driveway is empty. Request your neighbours to not park their car in front of your house.
     Depending upon your budget serve refreshments and snacks to attendees.
     There are chances that some of the attendees might be allergic to synthetic odours, so refrain from using air fresheners.
     To make sure guests feel welcomed in your house, play some soft music throughout the house.
     Make a board or album consisting of photographs of your house in every season. This will help attendees get an idea of how the home will look at different times of the year.

3. Putting up paperwork
Now only showcasing your house doesn’t mean your open house would be a hit. You need to show that you are here to do business as well.
     Get some colourful flyers printed consisting of beautiful photos, key points and specific features of your home and let your guests take them home.
     Also, get some pamphlets and brochures that provide financing options if a potential buyer wishes to do monthly mortgage payment.
     Set out a copy of each document pertaining to the house like appraisal, inspection report, evidence of repairs carried out and warranties and blueprints for future improvements, if any.
     If you live in a busy city, then it is essential that you identify career prospects for potential buyers. If there is a warehouse to rent in London closeby, definitely draw attention to that fact. 
4. Interaction with attendees
Smile and greet every attendee with joy. Initiate small talks and find out what they are looking for. After you have got an idea of their requirements, show them around and explain how your home will meet their demands. Once you are done showing around, get a feedback from them. Did they find a corner smelly? Are they not satisfied with the ceiling work? Ask them what are their thoughts regarding your home and would they consider buying it. At first, a lot of attendees might show reluctance or may not even give their opinions, but sometimes they may also sit down to talk with you and offer their numbers right on the spot.

By holding an open house, you will get an idea about whether attendees find your home impressive or not. You might also have to address some problems if the attendees find any. Also, if you don’t get an offer right after the open house, it doesn’t mean your open house event was not successful. The potential buyer might be in the process of getting a preapproval letter and send their offer a day after.

We hope the above tips help you make your open house event successful and you get a good price for your home.

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