Useful Tips to Score 90+ in CBSE Class 10 Science

You will be appearing for your class 10 exams this year and it is not just your classmates that you will be competing against but with numerous students appearing for the exam across the country. This is the first step you take towards achieving the goals you have set in life. The marks that you score in class 10 exam decide the course of your future.

Science exam for CBSE class 10 is designed to test the basic concepts in all three areas namely physics, chemistry and biology. With thousands of them taking part in the exam this year, the correction process would be rigorous to get a clear edge of toppers over the others. Having said this, let us look at a few ways to score 90+ in CBSE class 10 Science exam:
       Focus primarily on understanding the basics and then concentrate on remembering the newly introduced concepts.
       Neatly drawn and labelled diagrams can fetch you good marks. Hence practise diagrams.
       Avoid pulling all-nighters as lack of sleep affects the mind’s capability.
       Complete all the topics and focus on NCERT books. Refer other resources that provide you with comprehensive answers for the exercise questions. With myriads of resources available online, one of the best available right now is the NCERT Solutions For Class 10 Science.
       Practise answering within the time limit.
       Keep reasonable targets and make sure to achieve them. Achieving the set targets will further boost your confidence.
       Make sure to revise at least once.
       Create a list of important formulas and go through it often.

The listed were a few tips to help you score exceptional marks and make your study routine more effective. And remember to focus on basic concepts because a strong foundation goes a long way. The secret is to study throughout in small amounts without putting too much pressure on the last few days. A healthy body gives a healthy mind so make sure eat healthily, get an ample amount of sleep and exercise. By practising more questions and questioning yourself about what you have studied is very helpful. To know more about NCERT solutions of other subjects of class 10, students can visit us at MYNCERTSOLUTIONS.

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