Getting Married as an Expatriate

If we consider the UAE law. We come to know that the marriage is considered as the only legal bond between a man and a woman so that a relationship can be established between two people in the form of a family.

People take the services of marriage lawyers in Dubai so that their marriage can be conducted while keeping in consideration all the legal procedures. This is a good way of marriage conduction because people who are not aware of the laws might do something that is illegal which became the reasons for a lot of problems or them. That is why consulting the lawyers in Dubai for Dubai marriage is a better way to deal with the things in an order. Click here to find more details.

Entities Responsible for the issuance of a court marriage certificate
  • Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD)
For Muslims

Marriage ceremonies for the Muslims can be performed by two means.The one is Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) While the other is with the help of a religious cleric at home

For non-Muslims
  • With the help of embassy
  • At church
  • At temple
The notion Muslims can carry at any place as per their religion but the important thing they should carry is obtaining the certificate from ADJD.


Here are some of the conditions that ought to be followed;
  • The marriage should not be performed if the bride is not ready for the wedding
  • If the marriage has to be performed, both the bride and the groom should be the residents of UAE.
  • Their pre-marital mutual check certificate should be checked.
There are a lot of expatriate men that are living in UAE. For those men to marry the women who are the residents of UAE, there are certain conditions.

The expatriate men have to provide a certificate of the good conduct to marry the UAE resident ladies. The certificate is to be issued from the General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police. If the police verify the person and agree to issue the certificate to the expatriate, he will be able to get married to the UAE resident lady.

There are other Cases as well;

If there is a woman living in UAE who came here as an expatriate but later got the citizenship by the dependency, she will not be able to get married to the expatriates.

Where will be the marriage between the UAE citizens and the expatriates arranged?

After verification of all the documents, the marriage will be conducted at the Judicial Department or at home.

Legal Procedure Matters

If people do not follow the legal procedures properly, their getting married in Dubai will not be considered legal at all.

Dubai Court marriage certificate / Register Marriage in Dubai

To make your marriage legal, you must register your marriage with the help of law firms in Dubai or lawyers in Dubai UAE. As HHS Lawyers and legal Consultants  explained,Your marriage will not get registered if it is not following all the laws and regulations of getting married in UAE. There are a lot of little things that matter and people need to know their importance or else the things would get different.

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