Can E-commerce business sales be increased with Chatbot implementation?

For ecommerce stores, chatbots are stated to be its USP, providing users with an awesome shopping experience. It also streamlines customer interactions. Change is regarded to be the constant thing taking place within the ecommerce industry. With this industry expanding at a rapid pace, retailers and different marketplaces have been able to reach consumers nationally and internationally. Ordering food, purchasing clothes, etc. has become easier over the web. Chatbot does help to streamline customer interactions and foster shopping experience.

About Chatbot

Chatbot is considered to be software to interact with users, manage specific requests and answer queries, in conversational format, using UI language such as text, voice, etc. It also uses UI graphics like menus, buttons and images. Chatbots, in a nutshell can be stated to be an indispensable tool which allows businesses to interact one on one with customers in personalized manner.

According to reputed chatbot development companies in India, chatbots are evolving continuously, getting better with every passing day and changing the very face of ecommerce, thereby offering customers with out of the world purchasing experience. Besides providing personalized visual store experience to replacing live chats, chatbots do help users to make purchase like that provided by an in-store employee.

How chatbots help boost ecommerce businesses?

·       Provide better customer interaction: Around 80% of messages requiring response get ignored by brands and the average wait for those getting replies being 10 hours. Consumers do expect prompt replies, at least within 4 hours. It is here that bots come into action. Few ways by which chatbots enhance customer interaction.

o   Chatbots considered being conversational assistant, identifying consumer needs and providing every conversation with personalized feel. AI powered ones provide that real human interaction feeling, since they recognize quickly every customer’s typing pattern and make conversations accordingly.

o   Chatbots also act as ‘client care executives’ to meet queries, thus saving precious time of both vendors and customers.

o   Chatbots also act like salesmen and store buyer’s past purchase records. Whenever, the specific buyer visits the store, products are recommended with caption “You might prefer this”.

·       24/7/365 access to customers: Clients can ask anything or have conversation with chatbots as long desired, as chatbots stay active round the clock. They can answer to basic queries pertaining to products and services.

·       Manage online store without any hassle: Live chatbots apart from customer interaction are programmed to keep accurate track of store inventory. It allows both customers and the retailers to have knowledge of specific product which is about to exhaust. They also let customers to be aware of the products searched by them being now in stock and ready for sale.

Chatbot development company help develop interactive chatbots that can help in the operations of the business. It does save good amount of effort and time and manage effectively and efficiently the online store.

The industry experts are of the opinion that chatbot future in the ecommerce business is definitely bright and its demand is only expected to rise in the near future.

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