Why Every Telecom Service Should Offer Cloud Computing Feature

In recent days, telecom service providers across the globe are adapting latest technologies to provide the best service to their customers. In return the industry is developing in all directions. Starting from web-based applications and cloud computing services, these services in tune with the latest platforms and infrastructure to cater the requirements of the customers.All this help them to achieve better security and upliftment in their performance that differentiate themselves from others by cutting down the operations costs.

Each internet company, to stay ahead of the market competition, tries to soar through the cost pressures, and the demands raised by their customers. This is where the cloud computing becomes advantageous for the service providers especially when they work on their IT models. By including cloud computing services in their service package, the service providers can enlist themselves into the higher value chain of productivity and re-define their roles beyond the limits of mere connectivity and as a provider of Web-based application delivery services.

Here we have analyzed five valid reasons why each telecom service provider should include cloud computing in their business modules:

1. Elasticity

The first thing to remember about Cloud computing is that, it has the potential to cut down the total operational costs of the service providers as it requires minimal hardware and software requirements and platforms. Moreover, cloud computing platforms enable business enterprises to create an infrastructure and add more computing capacity with ease on demand. This elasticity of cloud computing deploys rapid solutions allowing the service providers to scale up their efficiency based on the infrastructure that can respond in time and on demand.

2. Telecommuting

Today global offices are a common scenario for most business enterprises. The employees work from scattered places and the only way to unite and coordinate among themselves is telecommuting andweb-based services and applications.

3. Web-Based Application Services

This is where the situation provides the telecom service providers to increase their revenue and even market share by capitalizing on the web-based application services.In other words it is a golden chance for them to encash the demand for communicating across the different geographical positions of the employees.

4. Lowering the Total Service Cost

It would altogether help in lowering the establishment and running costs, improve the system performance, reduce the cost of software, get them instant software updates, increase data reliability, provide universal data access, and finally result in hardware and device independence.

5. Generation ofRevenue

One of the fastest growing segments in the IT industry is the managed services of the telecom providers who are uniquely positioned around the world. Cloud computing system offers these service providers a golden opportunityto develop their managed services because they are already havinga scalable engine to build up their ever-growing services. By assuming their capacity to providean end-to-end position in the value chain of cloud computing, the service providers can add significantly to the quality of service and heighten the user-to-application experiences.

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