Top 10 Tips to Create Big Facebook Thumbnails

Today more people communicate with each other on a daily basis than ever before and this trend is set to increase over the course of time. A major factor of such an increase in interaction is social media. People today post more pictures of each other and snippets of information called statuses on their pages.

It is also a medium through which you can easily make money and garner customers. This can be done by making adverts; this can be in the form of pictures or videos. There are two factors which can help generate the maximum number of clicks. The first should be a great and catchy title and the second should be a good customized Youtube to Facebook thumbnail.

Making the title can be rather easy and might take less time than conceiving a good thumbnail. This is key as after all the first thing which appeals to any human is an interesting picture. Here are ten such tips to create a good thumbnail

  1. Colour: whatever the topic of your video or skit, the thumbnail should have a vibrant look and feel to it. Increase saturation and hues to attract more viewers, as humans we have an eye for great detail and colour.
  1. Relevancy: If you are doing a series or a bunch of videos in parts, make sure your thumbnails are related to each other. This makes viewers likely to click on the subject more often.
  1. Face: Humans are always closely attracted to faces and having a close-up or a headshot as your thumbnail means they can look into the person and make a judgement on the video. If the thumbnail is an action shot of the person, it adds more appeal and an emotional aspect to the video.
  1. Action: If your thumbnail conveys a striking image or a motion capture of your spectacle, then it can attract a host of viewers. The human eye is always enticed by new things which it hasn’t yet seen.
  1. Explosions and slow motion: If your video by chance involves any of these aspects in the video, use it as a thumbnail and it is sure to get you more views and clicks.
  1. Parts: Making thumbnails a sequential puzzle piece is a good idea and making the pictures seem similar makes it look better when it gets archived in your library. Any curious viewer is bound to click on such a video and even get intrigued by it.
  1. Putting text: Such an effect makes viewers likely to read the enclosed text far more often than just a picture. Putting in a few keywords or a phrase is bound to get you more clicks.
  1. Customising: Making a custom feature set for your videos can help you garner a lot of viewers for your Facebook page. You can include a series tutorial or a product guide.
  1. Colour schemes: By adding a same tonal colour for your videos you can attract a host of viewers.
  1. Testing: You should always look to experiment and test out your thumbnails, and see what works and what doesn’t.
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