James Feldkamp - What Should You Do in a Terrorist Attack

The world is an unsafe one and you never know when you can become a victim of a terrorist attack. The incidents of terrorist attacks have increased to a large extent and this is where experts in the field of counterterrorism step in to provide people information about these attacks and what they should do in case they are caught up in them.

James Feldkamp-what should you do if you are caught in a terrorist attack?

Expert in the field of counterterrorism James Feldkamp says you should run or hide in a safe place when you are caught in a terrorist attack. There is no point facing or confronting the terrorists as this could lead to risks or even loss of life. You should run over hide in a safe place. The first thing you should do is check the safe routes open to you. Leave all your belongings and insist others leave and escape to safety with you. Make sure that you get to that safe place without exposing yourself to danger.

What should you do if you cannot run to safety?

In case you cannot run to safety, he says you should find a safe place to hide. If you have a cellphone turn off the vibration and keep it in silent mode. This will help you to preserve the batter. Look for a place where you can barricade yourself. Find cover from gunfire and if you can see the attacker, high chances are they can see you too. Even if you are completely covered from view this does not mean you are fully safe. Gunfire and bullets can pass through metal, wood, brick and glass. You should find cover from bullets so go behind heavy reinforced walls or a cover with strong bricks. Check your exits and be aware of them. When you are looking for cover from the terrorists, ensure you are not trapped. Keep as quiet as possible. If you can lock yourself inside. If there is a door, move away from it.

Call emergency services

Once you are safe and secure, call emergency services or the police. In this call provide the details of the location you are in. Describe the attacker and give details on facial features, clothing, height, build etc. Also tell the operator details of the weapons that the attacker has. Give the operator more information like the number of exits, the entrances, number of hostages taken etc. In case, you are hiding and cannot speak follow the notes that the operator asks you by listening well. If you are outside and you see others trying to enter the building, prevent them from doing so if you can.

James Feldkamp adds that in the face of any terrorist attack, you must take sensible precautions. Deep breathe and do not panic. If you are with others advise all of them to turn their phone vibrations off. Switch your phone to silent mode so that you can preserve the battery to make a phone call to police or emergency services when it is safe for you to speak.

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