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A red juice is obtained from the dried flowers boiled for 5 minutes. So it's a small handful of flowers with a little water and sugar. This syrup strongly scents the fresh water into which it is poured. It is the national drink of Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso and northern Benin. This plant is cultivated to the edge of the desert. It is also a very popular drink in Egypt and Sudan under the name of karkadé. You can also use the infusion flowers by simply putting some in very hot water. Sometimes mint leaves are added.

Discover the 5 exceptional properties of Bissap on your health

Recent studies suggest that hibiscus is effective against the metabolic syndrome, particularly for lowering blood sugar, triglycerides and total cholesterol. It has also been shown in studies that hibiscus is effective in lowering blood pressure in pre- and moderately hypertensive adults. A decoction of dried flowers of this plant has hypotensive and diuretic properties.

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There are more than 30,000 varieties of hibiscus. This one, of its scientific name hibiscus sabdariffa,  is a flower originating from the tropical zones. Currently it is mainly produced in Africa, especially in black Africa (Senegal, Mali, Togo). It is the basic ingredient of the typically African "bissap" (or "carcadé") drink.

How To Use Hibiscus (Bissap)?

·       The flowers of the hibiscus are dried, and once infused; you can use the juice of the infusion to flavor sauces and jams. They are caffeine free.

·      Its fruity and tangy taste, reminiscent of the sacred pepper of Patagonia, will perfume your desserts such as your crème brûlées or your cakes.

·         Hibiscus is also delicious in the accompaniment of scallops.

This is the flower that is used to prepare the recipe for bissap or carcadéjuice, a "star" drink from West Africa that can be drunk as hot as it is very fresh.

The bissap has diuretic virtues, febrifuge and, it is excellent to help fight against hypertension, especially in combination with valerian officinal. It thins the blood and reduces the effects of alcohol on the system, so it is a perfect drink to fight hangover, especially in association with artichoke leaves.

It is a drink rich in ascorbic acid (hence its acidulous taste) and it is credited with diuretic, sedative and hypotensive, even laxative virtues. It may be interesting to associate it with organic linden for this use, or with blueberry flowers.

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