All You Need to Know about Boycotting Israel

Boycotting the Israelis one of the most popular initiative which is carried out so as to protect the right of the innocent people. The name of the initiative is known as the BDS movement, the BDS movement is known as the Boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. Under this movement, the other countries will completely boycott the Israel. It is not state level initiative but is the global initiative to preserve the rights of Palestinian refugees. The main motive of this campaign is to bring back the Palestinian refugees in the Israel.
The initiative or movement was initiated in 2005. This movement was performed due to the mutual decision of around one hundred seventy non governmental organisations so as to preserve the rights of the Palestinian refugees. In the earlier times, people were not much aware about the movement but as the time raised, this movement were enlightened up. A huge number of youngsters are being involved in this movement. Do you what is the most important and popular way which the youngsters used to preserve the rights of the people and boycott the Israel was boycotting the products from the Israel.

The Israel is an amazing region with the best cosmetic products and the nest technology but boycotting Israel has lead to severe damage over the Israel. There are several products which are being produced by different developers or manufacturers and one of the most important products are the clothes i.e., hoodies, T-shirts, jerseys T-shirt and many more. Apart from this, the people started using the stickers, which portrays the image of boycotting Israel and in this way; they are saying that the injustice to the innocent people can be avoided. Do you know what the goals of the BDS campaign are?

Goals of BDS campaign-
  • Whatever the goal is, the focus of the campaign is to initiate the boycotting in an absolute non violent way. If we also indulge into the violence then what the difference between the Israel and other countries. So go through the goals of this campaign, which are mentioned below.
  • As this campaign is supported by the national committee of Palestinians, so all the goals are in the favour of the Palestinian refugees.
  • The first and foremost goal of the boycott divest sanctions Israel is to perform the boycott in an absolute non violent way.
  • Another goal of the campaign is to get the Palestinian refugees to be back to their properties in the safe and secure manner. Along with this, preserving their rights is an important consideration of this campaign.
  • Another goal of the campaign is to give absolute recognition to the basic fundamental rights of all the Palestinian refugees in the Israel.
  • Another important and major goal is to stop the occupation of the Israel, so that they can get to know that the lives of innocents are not a piece of cake. This campaign has gained a lot of recognition from 2015 to till now.

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