Timber Worktops: Why you should invest in one

We all want our kitchen worktop to be perfect. But one of the hardest part of building a good kitchen worktop is to find the perfect material for it. There are tons of materials and designs available in the market today and it can get very stressful to choose for a material that you can truly trust.
Wood will be a forever favorite material to be used in worktops. It’s homey and very functional and looks well with other materials. Aside from these factors, below are some of the reasons why you should definitely invest in a timber worktop.

Each worktop has its own natural beauty and since no two pieces of wood are the same, the grain on every single worktop is unique. This can help in making your kitchen stand to others. This creates a magnificent surface complete with fantastic character; equally at home in a traditional space or contemporary environment. If you want a look that you can call your own, then timber worktops are the way to go.

Some materials are just not good for the environment. But wood is environmentally friendly and very sustainable. These days, most wood used for kitchen worktops will come from sustainably-managed forests – ours are certified which means the wood in our worktops respect and protect the local wildlife as well as the rights of workers. The sustainable and ethical way of harvesting wood reinforces the idea that are actually taking care of our environment for the long run.

Ages well
Timber worktops are like wine – they age well. A solid wood worktop will only look better as it ages, gaining in character and looks as its natural colors. Because it’s a natural material, each one will be unique, with its characterful and distinct grain patterns adding another dimension to your home. It will definitely add a rustic and organic feel to your already loving home. You wouldn’t have to worry anymore if your kitchen countertop will look its best in the long run.

Overall aesthetic
A  bespoke hardwood worktop also has aesthetic benefits that can make any interior designer scream with delight. The deep seated connection we have with wood enhances how a timber worktop feels when using it. With a warming natural glow that subtly radiates throughout your kitchen, a timber worktop is just nicer to be around. This contrasts quite a bit with a kitchen containing granite, the surface of which is cold and hard. It will look best with granite and bold metallic accents, if you want a modern twist to the classic perfection of the timber worktop.

Dents are equal perfection
One of the biggest advantages with solid wood worktops is that imperfections can be sanded out. Dents can be filled; stains and scuffs can be polished out or sanded down and re-sealed. Drop a knife on a laminated surface or take a chip out of a stone surface and it’s much more difficult and expensive to put right. Once installed, solid natural wood worktops will require sealing to prevent water from soaking into it. Good news is that once sealed, it only needs to be done annually, unless any work is carried out. Failure to do so may result in the worktop warping and getting damaged.

Easy to maintain
Some materials are very hard to maintain. But timber is not one of them. Again, its longevity is based on its ability to look better as it ages. It’s also very easy to remove its dents and smoothing out scratches that it might get from your children. You can add a gloss or glass finish to the timber worktop if you fear that your kids might fill it with their own designs (i.e. fingernail scratches, coloring, etc.)

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