Peter Max- Painting to Spread Awareness for Planet Earth!

There are several environmental threats to the planet today. Mankind has been cruel and people are suffering. However, there are a few responsible individuals that have stepped forward to spread awareness of how planet Earth can be protected and natural resources saved. Some of them are notable personalities that use their innate talents to spread awareness to save the planet.

Peter Max- pop art icon on a mission to save the planet

Peter Max is no stranger to the pop art world across the globe. He is a celebrated artist who has gifted the world some memorable and stunning paintings, posters and media artwork on practically on all surfaces. Peter Max is an iconic figure with over 50 years in the field. His works have been displayed in galleries and museums across the world. He has been the official artist for painting the portraits of six Presidents in the USA and has been the man behind the artwork of notable events like The Grammy Awards, Super Bowl and many more.

On a mission to save the planet

Besides being an iconic figure in the art world across the globe, he is also a philanthropist supporting nature and animal causes. He has dedicated many of his artwork to many charitable causes. When it comes to saving the planet and spreading awareness, he says saving the planet should be on the forefront on the minds of people. He emphasizes on the fact that people should connect more to nature. They should focus on being good to the planet Earth. The need to conserve natural beauty is the need of the day. Land, water and natural resources should be protected and saved from the cruel actions of man. It is crucial for groups to spread consciousness so that more and more people are aware. Artists, writers, musicians and public figures should take up this cause as many people are still not aware on how simple actions is threatening the Earth. They should educate and inform others so that man can put a stop to this abuse to the planet and conserve its rich resources for its future generations.

A drive and passion strong to succeed

His passion and drive to save the world has grown stronger in the past few decades. He says that he became an artist as he always felt connected to nature. Peter Max adds that nature has always been fascinating to him and left him awestruck. His major inspiration for art comes from nature, he says.

Peter Max says there has been developments when it comes to saving the Earth. Since 1970’s people have been more involved and concerned when it came to the well-being of the planet. Efforts to save the Earth and consistent efforts to spread awareness on how to protect the planet has increased drastically. If you look at household items, gadgets and cars today, they are cleaner than what they were before. Even buildings are being constructed keeping in mind nature conservation and energy savings- in short great progress has been made however he sums up by saying there is still a lot more to do to save the planet!

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