Law Schools And Hogwarts And Their Stark Similarities

We were all enchanted with the magical world that J.K. Rowling created for us and if you’re a true Potterhead, you’re bound to pass it on to your kids and your grandchildren as well! You don’t even need a free Will template to do that for you! 

But before we take such a serious leap into the future let’s address the matter at hand – Law schools... and why we think they share similarities with our favourite school of witchcraft and wizardry.

Dive right in and we will know!
The Letter Of Acceptance!
Unless the magical acceptance letter shows up at your door, you will never truly make it into Hogwarts. 

Take a wild guess where else this happens? Yep, that’s right, it happens in law schools of course! You will never know of your acceptance till you get one but by email!
The First Dinner
After the sorting ceremony is over it’s time for dinner and at Hogwarts we all know how important the feast is!

 You get introduced to a load of people whom you’re going to see a lot more now and then find your way back to the dormitories.

 Over the next few days you’ll try to make sense of all the people and places, your classes and of course your professors! In law school you have orientation to attend and see your professors make speeches about how your world is about to turn upside down now that you’ve made it to law school!
You’ll end up making friends who are going to be there for you no matter what, perhaps even meet your soul mate and trust as when we say, life is never going to be the same!

Having To Deal With Professor Snape
Just the very mention of Professor Snape was enough to send chills down his student’s spine because he was absolutely scary and cold! You knew you couldn’t mess around if you had Professor Snape breathing down your neck. 

Law school has a bunch of Professor Snapes (yes in plural!) to deal with. Given the importance of the subjects in law, you cannot afford to be lax with it and which is why you need replicas of Professor Snape to keep you on your toes.

All these professors you will encounter (well most of them) are downright intimidating constantly trying to push you to do more with their probing enquiries. 

The point is to help you learn and eventually make your bones in the field of law, but of course it all depends on how much you want it for yourself as well!

The First Year Classes
In his first year Harry didn’t really have a choice with the classes he was going to take.

 Law school is just the same! Be it Hogwarts or law school your first year is spent getting told about all the things you can and can’t do and trust us when we say the list is pretty big! Law school can get too much to deal with, what with your choices being very limited. 

What if you don’t have a shred of interest in studying constitutional law? Too bad your choice has been made for you and like it or not, you’re taking that class!

Coming Across a Hermione
Hermione was regarded as the smartest witch of her year and she knew it all! She read and read and read some more then some all before her first day of class! It is safe to say that she was a know-it-all. 

Don’t worry you’re going to come across a fair share of Hermiones (yes plural yet again!) Being like Hermione is going to get you out of a lot of tight corners so it is a good thing after all! She’s been there for Harry and Ron and saved them from being killed on multiple occasions.

 Maybe Hermiones from law school will keep people from being wrongly sued. 

They can save people from going to jail for crimes they didn’t commit or perhaps help lock up ones who are guilty.

Nothing Is As It Appears
The castle of Hogwarts is rife with secrets and magic. Here staircases move, paintings talk and mirrors end up showing you more than just your reflection.

 At first glance, all of this won’t make sense at all which is the case for most law students as well.

 We all know that things don’t always go as per the plan and we’ve got to concoct new ways to deal with situations.

So there you have it... with a bit of imagination and magic you can trick yourself into thinking that you’re at Hogwarts! Well you won’t have your wand, you won’t learn any spells but you sure can change the world for the better with a law degree to your credit!

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