How to Sell Your Wrecked Car to A Wrecker in Adelaide?

With wreckers in Adelaide, you don’t have to go to the hassles of dismantling the engine of your car to get some cash for the working parts under its hood. The process is made simple. Let SA Wreckers tell you how to sell your car to an Adelaide wrecker.

Selling Your Wrecked Car to An Adelaide Wrecker

When a car has been involved in a collision, many times there are working parts left under the hood, just as components like bumpers, doors, headliners, etc. that can be salvaged. A wrecker is typically the choice to salvage a car or truck simply because most car owners are not DIY mechanics with the knowledge or tools to do so. When a wrecker dismantles cars and trucks, the wrecker will pay the owner of the vehicle cash for the auto. It is a way for wrecked car owners to get additional cash for their wrecked cars over and above what their insurance providers pay. SA Wreckers pays cash to wreck cars in Adelaide.

Selling Your Car to SA Wreckers

As Adelaide car and truck wreckers as well as vans, buses, SUVs, and motorcycles, you have a buyer that is determined to get the best value form your vehicle. We get the most by dismantling the car or truck, and what’s left of the vehicle, we will recycle. With us, you have a buyer that not only wrecks your car for working parts but recycles it for eco-friendly disposal. To get your car sold to give us a call at the number below or fill out our online quote form located on our homepage. With SA Wreckers, once you receive and accept our quote, you can then schedule a free car removal anywhere in Adelaide. A removal that includes the cash payment that we offered you for your car over the phone or online, and all the paperwork to purchase the car.

Selling your car or truck to us is that easy, and you will have a wrecker that gets the most value from your vehicle.

1. Get a quote over the phone or online.
2. Accept or reject our cash quote.
3. Schedule a free car removal, Adelaide.

Get the parts and recycling value for your wrecked car or truck. Give us a call today for a cash quote for the vehicle.

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