How to dress for a vacation in Himachal

A trip to Himachal Pradesh is not only a vacation in the mountains. It is a life changing experience. Don’t we all crave for an escape to the mountains, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Aren’t we all sick of waiting in traffic to get to our work place, standing in queues to pay bills, buy food and what not? Don’t we all deserve a break in a beautiful cottage, sitting by a fire place over looking snow-cappedmountains. Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful and untouched place in India. Packing the right clothes is very important as the weather condition in the Himachal is very cold.

Choose the right inners and thermals
It is very important to layer your clothing appropriately in extreme weather conditions to keep yourself warm. We need to choose the right kind of inners that will keep you warm and comfortable. Do not forget to pack your thermals as they will keep you warm. Pack warm thermals to wear under your clothes. Pack warm and soft socks to keep your feet warm.

Pick warm woollen clothing
Pack warm woollen clothing to ensure you are warm. Pack ladies woolen kurtis tops and tunics. Woollen kurtis are a great option to pack for your trip as they are very comfortable, come in a variety of colours and patterns. They also look very stylish and trendy. You can also pack woollen sweat shirts and sweaters. There is a variety of vibrant woollen clothing with different patterns. There are beautifully knit sweaters available all around Himachal as well as on several online platforms

Layer with jackets and sweaters
Packing the right jackets and sweaters is one of the most crucial steps in packing for your trip. There are a variety of jackets such as quilted jackets, fleece jackets and extreme cold jackets that are available in several colours and patterns. Fleece jackets are one of the best options to both keep you warm during extremely cold temperatures as well as keep you stylish and trendy. It is important to analyse the right jacket that would be suitable for the temperature and weather conditions during the time of your travel plans. A variety of jackets and sweaters are available on several platforms on the internet.

Winter proof footwear and accessories
Packing the right shoes that can withstand the cold temperatures is very much essential. You must carry water proof shoes that do not slip easily. You can also opt for packing snow proof boots. They look great and come in a variety of colours. Boots also come with a warm fur layer inside the boots. They can keep you feeling comfortable during extremely cold weather conditions. You can also carry woolen caps, beanies, mufflers, scarves woollen gloves, and ear muffs. There are a wide range of colours you could choose from to add style to your outfit. Beanies with pompoms look very attractive too.

Packing correctly for your winter trip will ensure that you can enjoy your trip without getting affected from extremely cold weathers. It can also guarantee some great pictures to document your holiday. Ensure you carry warm clothes, jackets and appropriate accessories. Make sure to carry cold cream, toiletries, power bank and documents. Packing can thus make or break your trip easily. 

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