How Curtis Cripe Helped People Suffering From Mental Disorders To Lead a Normal Life

NTL Group is an establishment whose main objective is to help those experiencing issues related to brain functioning such as human brain injuries, addictions, problems with brain activity and neurodevelopment delays. This firm provides the necessary help so that all these patients can recover well.  NTL Group mixes neuroscience technologies with neuro-engineering philosophies along behavioral medicine as this helps in treating individuals experiencing brain-based problems effectively.

Dr. Curtis Cripe: The man behind the success of NTL Group and Crossroads Institute

Dr. Cripe is one of the most prosperous, energetic and instinctive personalities in the area of behavioral medicine and neuroscience as well as aerospace engineering or software designing. In fact it can be said that he has been born to donate and combine the world of technology and science.

Talking about the professional and academic background of Curtis Cripe, it has been stretched in numerous disciplines that include bioengineering, aerospace engineering or programming and software development. He is well-known for treating issues related to neurodevelopmental disorders, brain dysfunctions because of illness, injury, internal hemorrhage and other psycho-physiological disorders. He has extensive experience and familiarity in regards to human brain, neuron, and brain activity in addition to cells, physiology, structures, memories.

As of now, Dr. Cripe is a chief researcher at the NTL Group, Ltd where he discovers the varied fields of neuroengineering and behavioral medicine. He has been elected as the director of research and development at the NTL Group, Ltd. Where he works as a neuroengineer and specializes in behavioral medicine in the group. NTL Group is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, NTL Group offers neuroengineered services such as:
  • NeuroEval
  • NeuroCodeX
  • NeuroCoach
  • NeuroPathways
In addition, The NTL group processes varied programs can be used independently or as an addition to other therapeutic programs and therapies.

Apart from NTL Group, Curtis Cripe has also established the Crossroads Institute, which research on the mental disorder and conditions and finds out the appropriate cure for the same. This institute offers services for speech, neurodevelopmental delays, auditory processing, language, resiliency, anxiety and depression, other related issues.

Neuro-engineering and behavioral medicine has changed the lives of many people in an optimistic manner as both NTL Group and Crossroads Institute are providing cure. This mind-body method has brought smile on many faces irrespective of the age groups. This therapy contains lasting process and proper functioning of body and mind. As Dr. Cripe rightly says that the mind and the body should be balanced and aligned for effectual treatment of cognitive disorder by the therapist.

Prior to working in behavior medicine specialist and neuro engineer, Dr. Cripe has served as a systems engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he contributed to outer space planetary investigation assignments. In addition to this, he has also worked in software development at Department of Defense contractor TRW, Inc. He is also a Certified Peak Performance Instructor, an INPP instructor for brain development, and Certified Neurotherapy Instructor.

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