Why Do People Touch Pregnant Bellies?

Nothing can be more magnificent for a woman than getting pregnant. It is quite hard for the new mother to keep her hands away from the belly. Baby bump certainly creates a specialty among the others. People cannot take their eyes off from a pregnant lady. There should be many reasons behind people touching it. Some people may think that the woman might genuinely like it while some of them might want to feel the baby moving or kicking. Also, some people touch to show their love and affection towards the baby as well as to the would-be mother. But, it has to keep in mind that without permission, touching a pregnant woman’s belly can be considered as an invasion of privacy. Why do people touch pregnant bellies? Let’s dig deep.

Is it Right to Allow Strangers to Touch the Belly?

Well, the act completely depends on the particular person. If someone is absolutely okay with the touching fact, she should give him/her a try and enjoy the pampering. Even it is alright to let people touch your baby bump at least once in a while. But, in case if things get derogating and you started feeling uncomfortable and uneasy, do not hesitate to say ‘No’.

How to Prevent Strangers from Touching Your Baby Bump?

Preventions are needed in case of unwanted belly touching because there are strangers everywhere. Try to do these things to cut off the strangers:
  • Walk Away: This is the best way to avoid strangers. Usually, every pregnant lady becomes more conscious during the pregnancy period. And like this way, be conscious of the strangers too. Try to have your eyes on the people and the moment you noticed someone is walking fast to you with a broad smile or any small kids are excitedly running towards you, walk away. This is rather best policy to apply than being rude to the unknown.
  • Say NO: Always keep in mind that your body is yours. So, it is obvious that your decision is going to be the final one. If someone asks you to touch your belly, tell them a firm NO but in a polite manner. And if someone is about to touch it without your permission, take a step back or even move their hands away. You can also explain to them why you are not let them touch it if you feel like.
  • Give them Awkward Responses: Well, these kinds of responses are for the creepiest belly touchers, but this may portray you as a rude woman. Giving the strangers an awkward reply may save you in many ways. Make it clear to yourself that none can touch you or your baby bump without your permission.
  • Guard Your Belly: It is absolutely okay to protect your belly with your hands to avoid the unwanted touching. The strangers will have no place to touch if you keep guarding your belly.
This is how you can avoid some unnecessary troubles and also feel the most beautiful feeling of being a mother.

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