4 Ways to Make Money by Writing Online

There are really countless methods to make money through the Internet but this post will discuss four exact methods on how to earn money by writing online. These techniques seem to be too simple but several individuals are still deprived of a clue as to how they are actually done. Some might even pay for products and facilities just to learn a thing or two which can really be measured simple for anybody new in the world of making money over the internet. With that, let me deal a free impression on these four techniques you can get paid online just by writing.


It is no doubt that the simplest method to utilize one's writing abilities to get paid online is through blogging. You can make your own blog through blogging platforms. Some of which include Blogger, WordPress, Medium, Joomla, Wix, Tumblr and so on. Most of these sites offer ad to be embedded within your page. You will earn money either on cost per click or cost per thousand impressions basis of the ads. Some ad platforms comprises Google AdSense, Chitika, Adbrite and Infolinks. Other technique is affiliate marketing, where you can similarly be paid just by writing about a company's products or services. Here a link is embedded within the post and you will earn money for each referral that transforms into purchases through your link.


You can compose blog contents, articles, web contents, press releases, guest posts, reviews, and other types of content for websites, blogs, and others utilizing your own individuality or as a ghost writer for somebody else. There are numerous markets wherever freelance authors can catch possible clients. Some of the online freelance work websites include Desk, Freelancer, Elance, Fiverr, and many more. You can likewise compose e-books and have them printed or sold through suitable channels such as Amazon. Literary works such as fictions, poems, fantasy, short stories, thriller and novels can also be published online.


Some businesses will take you paid just by writing and posting comments or proposals about their product or facility. Abundant words are not even essential for this kind of writing. Just convey your morality and customer facilities close when you leave comments. You might be requested to discover associated or related sites or blogs where your observations can be posted. A link sending back to the website or business being promoted will be implanted within your comment. Commenting is really one of the approaches used in Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps to achieve a website's rank in the top of the search engine results for a relevant keyword.

Forum Posting

Another SEO technique called forum posting is also another mean to earn money online by writing. You write forum posts in current threads or make new ones in order to promote a detailed product or service.

These are simply four ways to make money by writing online. A desire such as writing can be enjoyable and economically rewarding at the same time.

Author Bio: The Author of this article, Arun Mohan is writing articles for Agrraj Consultancy Services and Swap Dial .

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