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In the world-wide market, the most beautiful rug is the sisal flooring rug. And the demand for the sisal flooring carpet has been in vogue and request. Moments will be cherished with these sisal flooring carpets as it gives a look which you will never want to remove from your eyesight. These rugs make the house hold look beautiful along with its texture and colors, which are both astounding. These Sisal flooring carpets are very much in demand in Asia and other parts of the World. It is a very tough fiber which is hard wearing and practical. You can use these rugs in the high traffic areas of your home and office. It is also eco-friendly and maintenance of these rugs is also easy. The sisal flooring rug also comes in a diamond weave pattern which is very beautiful. Apart from that the other variety of sisal flooring rugs are eco sisal rugs, sisal almond rugs, popcorn natural cable rugs jute, custom sisal rugs, WovenVinyl flooring, flat weave carpet etc. are the wide range which is available in the market.

The Various Characteristics of Sisal Flooring Are As Follows -

Sisal flooring firstly should never be used on staircases as its wear and tear it becomes slippery. It is good for high traffic areas. It has a smooth waxy coating, plus natural shine which you can notice easily. They are water resistant and stains and marks cannot be easily viewed in the sisal flooring. It looks very clean and beautiful when placed in your home or office. Due to the wax coat dust cannot settle on it easily. Regular vacuuming of the rug can make it even better.

Advantages & Placements of Sisal Flooring -

Many are the advantages of the sisal flooring rugs as it is the best flooring option that you have. Whenever you choose to cover the floors there can be no other option better than the sisal flooring. It feels very good beneath your feet especially tough and it is one of the most long lasting flooring options that you have. These sisal flooring are tough and hard wearing. They can sustain all weather condition, be it cold, hot, etc. It comes in beautiful colors like gray, black, cream, khaki, brown, light brown etc. You can also get dyed sisal flooring also. The rugs are straight and develop no kind of cracks or folds or crush; even after 1000 folds it will open straight.

Sisal flooring can endure in both wet and humid climate, the rugs which is made of twine is a durable one. The best place for sisal flooring rugs is the living room. It looks cool beneath the couch and center table. Apart from that it will also look good in your office front desk and conference room. It gives a brilliant look in all these places. It is not suitable for low traffic areas like kitchen and dinning table. It can also be best placed in a parallel passageway.

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