Top 6 Tips for Online Retail Invoicing

Billing is an important part of sales for every business. It can be difficult managing your invoices if you are dealing with several businesses. Here are some tips for online retail invoicing.

1.    Use professional invoice templates

Your invoice should be easy to read and it should also contain all the necessary information so that your customer will not need further clarifications. If they have all the necessary information, they can pay you faster. Fortunately, there are softwares that can help you with these templates.

2.    Your invoice should show your brand identity

Your invoice is one of the first impressions you will create on a customer concerning your business. Your invoice should communicate your brand to that customer. It should talk about what you do. It should also feature more information to promote your business. Your invoice should include your logo and your website address. If your customers get relevant information about your website, there is a high possibility that they will come back to your shop. This possibility is even higher if they are satisfied with your service.


3.    Be compliant

One of the basic rules of invoicing is to number your invoices sequentially. Numbering your invoices does not only make you compliant, but it also helps you to keep track of your invoices. It also helps you when communicating with a customer about one particular invoice.

4.    Communicate your company policy

If you have policies on payments, returns, and other procedures with regards to your business, you can use the invoice to inform the customer about them. Your invoice may be the only information a customer receives from you. If that is the case, you should make good use of it. Once your customers receive all the information, it will be easier to trade with them since they understand the terms better.

5.    Automate your VAT receipts

If you sell in different countries or provide different products and services, make sure you automate your VAT receipts. It is difficult, expensive, and time- consuming to manage several sales tax if you trade in several products or different countries.

6.    Produce invoices in multiple media formats

You cannot be too sure of the medium that is most convenient for a customer. Especially if you are dealing with several customers. It is better to produce your invoices in several formats and send it via several mediums so that the customer can receive them conveniently. You can produce your invoices in PDF format and then you can send them via email. You can also print them and send.

 You can also send the nvoices directly to the customers through any of the online sales platforms including Amazon or eBay depending were the sales was transacted.

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