Backpacking tips for women

Backpacking is a fun activity.  If you’re a solo woman, or travelling with a group of women friends, do keep a few things in mind to make your trip a fun and safe one.
  1. Pack smart- start from the right kind of backpack. Make sure it has enough pockets and is weather-proof too. Pack smart- comfortable shoes, slippers for showers and to walk around in the house. You might be tempted to carry your strappy heels, but leave them at home. They might not be used every day and it will just add to the weight of the bag. Towels are a must and carry something light. Clothes should be light too- leggings, lycra jeans, all-weather jacket, and enough socks and underwear. Depending on where you’re travelling, you should keep a scarf or shawl with you. For the weather and out of respect for the culture of the country you’re going too. Clothes will constitute most of your luggage and so make it as sensible as you can.
  2. Medical needs- tampons and napkins if your brand is hard to find and you’re travelling to some place remote, basic medication for fever, cold, stomach troubles and pain. It may also be a good idea to carry repellent, sunscreen and wet tissues. If your medication needs a prescription, carry the doctor’s orders with you too.
  3. Other supplies- regardless of where you’re crashing, a sleeping bag is a great idea. Carry chargers and adapters, music that you’d love, and your cash requirements. Prepaid cash with different currency, credit cards with no roaming charges and traveller’s cheques are all good ideas.
  4. Safety first and always- let’s face it- being a woman on the road comes with its share of risks. If you’re out drinking, make sure your companions are trustworthy. Safety is especially important when you choose a place to stay. Backpacking hostels, budget hotels, a friend’s house- find something that works for you. Carry money, but be discreet. It’s a good idea to distribute your cash in various parts of your luggage and bags. Also, make copies of your documents. Permits, passport, tickets and so on. It’s also a smart idea to keep family or friends posted when you venture out. This way, you don’t alarm them and you get to have fun as well. A point that people often speak of is how you shouldn’t affix your name with anything that gives away marital status. Just write your name. Ditch the Ms/Mrs/Miss.
  5. Put away things- before you set off on your backpacking trip, pack your things and put them in safe-keeping. Invest in self storage Cincinnati and store your sentimental and expensive things there.
  6. Look good travelling- backpacking brings to mind a rough and ready image. That doesn’t have to apply to you. Get your arms and legs waxed before you head out on your trip. Make sure you’re carrying small bottles of all your must-haves. Minimise your makeup since you’ll be travelling and focus on creating experiences that you’ll remember.

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