What to Look For When Hiring a Video Production Company

In a digital cultural age full of viewers with short attention spans, you don't get many chances to make a first impression. The video produced for your business' needs should convey a vision. Send a message. Memorably visualize your marketing campaign. Advertise your product. Hopefully even create a vibrant sensation that gets people talking.

Anything is possible when you try hard enough. However, a lot will have to be accomplished to produce the video that matches your needs. You need to decide what you want your video to accomplish. Fine tune a marketing message. Nail down a creative vision or narrative for the video. But if you don't hire the right audio and video production professionals, then all of your efforts could be in vain.

If you have never hired a video production company before, brainstorm a list of qualities that you want in one. Also, think strategically about how you will hire an audio and video production company. You'll want an AV company that knows what they are doing, will value your input, and try to create a video that best manifests your wishes and creative vision.

Make a list of companies that you believe could suit your video production needs. Here is what you should look for when hiring an audio and video production company.

Demo Reel

Look for audio and video production companies with photos and/or video samples of their work. Peruse their website and look for testimonials or reviews. Request a demo reel of their work created for previous clients, or links that showcase such work. Or contact the company directly and request such samples. Get an idea of who you may be hiring. That should narrow down your company search to a select few units.

Quality of Equipment

Talk to industry professionals and learn about the kinds of state of the art and innovative video production equipment that is currently in use in the industry. Ask the companies that you are considering the equipment that they use and their set-up techniques. Inquire how this equipment will be used to bring your project to fruition.

Creative Vision

A video production involves the simultaneous, technical use of video cameras, sound equipment, lighting, and other necessary equipment. All of this equipment must be coordinated in a way to execute a creative vision or visual narrative. Ask the company how your creative vision will be incorporated into the video.

Or, if you opt to have the company come up with the creative vision, inquire about the process. Choose the company that will keep you involved in the process from creative conception to production. The best audio and video production company will have your best interests in mind. Ask if they will prepare a production proposal and rate quote to secure your business.

Look for the best company with proven Industry Experience

All of the qualities that you are looking for in an audio and video production company can be found at American Audio Visual. The company has offices in Orlando and Tallahassee and has been in the business for over 40 years. They can create a video for you that will grab the attention of viewers with the shortest attention span.

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