Coping up with HIV when you are pregnant

As per statistics there are nearly 160,000 women who are victims of AIDS. With the help of medicine for HIV during pregnancy nearly 7000 of them go on to give birth. A lot of babies who are affected by AIDs gradually go on to die. Close to 90 % were infected with the virus during birth or when you are pregnant. When HIV transmission occurs from the mother to the baby during pregnancy or breastfeeding it goes by the name of prenatal transmission. This is one of the common ways by which kids become victim of AIDS.

HIV stands to be a virus which is the stepping stone for AIDS. You can be a HIV positive person but not be suffering from AIDS. An HIV infected person could be suffering from AIDS for a period of 10 years or more. They can transmit the virus to others via vaginal fluids, semen or infected blood. This is when you establish contact with the membranes or broken skin. Even if you have medicine HIV in pregnancy your immune system is not that stronger. You cannot ward of any threat of infections in comparison to a normal person. In face certain health problems or cancer can go on to emerge which would be really life threatening.

The risk associated with transmitting HIV when you are pregnant?

The moment a woman is prone to HIV virus, the risk of transmission of virus is reduced to a considerable extend if she remains as healthy as possible. As per research experts new treatments can reduce the chances of the virus passing over to the mother by as low as 2 %. The various factors that do increase the risk of transmission are smoking, malnutrition, deficiency of vitamin A etc.

Does the need arise for a pregnant woman arise to opt for HIV testing? If so how is the procedure undertaken?

For a lady who is pregnant or planning to become pregnant they need to get their HIV testing done as soon as possible. If possible the partner of the woman needs to be tested as well. It is suggested that any woman who is exposed to child bearing age needs to get HIV testing before pregnant. Voluntary testing along with counselling is part of routine tests during pregnancy.

 For a lady who has not been tested during pregnancy they could be checked during the phase of labor. The test results are rapid and it could be in your hands with in an hour. All the treatment is undertaken keeping the health of the baby as top most priority.

The HIV/AIDS test is undertaken with the help of a blood test

In a major chunk of cases, HIV will not make their way from the placenta to a developing baby. If a mother appears to be healthy then the placenta would offer protection to the developing baby in every way. Till a complication arises no need to increase the number of prenatal visits.

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