5 Hacks On Cleaning Your Home Curtains

If there's one chore that's of high importance but always given least priority, it's curtain cleaning. So much so that people don't clean their curtains for months together, sometimes years even! While this might seem harmless at first, it's time to beckon a change simply because of the dirt and dust that curtains accumulate.

Since curtains are made of heavy materials, cleaning them can be a tedious task which is why homeowners leave their curtains as is. Curtain cleaning doesn't have to be an arduous task, especially with Alta Loma curtain cleaning. Here are five simple hacks on cleaning your home curtains.

1. Dust your curtains often

Curtains turn dirty mainly due to the accumulation of dust in the fabric. As the dust builds up, the fabric becomes heavier making cleaning difficult. To avoid this from happening, you need to dust your curtains often. You can do this with the help of a feather duster or simply a cloth. This activity prevents the build-up of dust on the surface of your curtain.

2. Make use of the right kind of detergent

The general tendency is to make use of the same fabric detergent for your curtains as your regular clothes. This can damage your curtains because they might be of a different fabric that requires a less intense detergent. Be sure to research the type of detergent that you use for your curtains before going ahead with the act, lest you end up with a damaged curtain!

3. Clean your windowsill

The windowsill usually falls on people's blind spot which is another source of dirt and dust. You have to be sure that you clean the windowsill regularly. The accumulated dust has the ability to get into your curtains, which might not be so easy to take off. Washing the windowsill and dusting it regularly can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

4. Vacuum your curtains

A vacuum cleaner with a long attachment can help you get most of the dust off your curtains. For best results, make use of a cleaning system that is both lightweight and mobile. Ladders might be required to get to the very top of your curtains if you want to avoid taking them down.

5. Tap in on the power of steam

If you notice that your curtains are stained or are greasy, simply vacuuming or dusting might not help. You can clean them without having to take them down by merely steaming them. A handheld steam cleaner should be able to remove stains and dirt with minimum effort. Gentle vertical strokes with the cleaner should be able to get the dirt out without drenching the curtains.

In some cases, it is best that you seek professional help to clean your curtains. Alta Loma curtain cleaning services are simple to find and are highly effective in removing those stubborn stains that simply won't go away! For more information, visit: https://chaffeycleaners.com/

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