All you need to know about manholes

The proper sewage and drainage system is an absolute necessity in a modern society. You can only imagine the kind of mess we would be in if there was no sewage system in place right now. There would be no place or direction for all the waste water and sewage to go. Thus it is a big responsibility of the government to take care of the issue in an appropriate manner.

The drainage systems are quite elaborate and run underground. With so much waste to take care of, they go under buildings, and even roads. People need to go in there from time to time for maintenance purposes. They enter the drainage system through manholes. There are several manholes made from where people can enter to take care of any problem that might have occurred immediately. But these manholes can also be quite risky for common people and pedestrian. So they need to be covered properly. Manhole covers are made just for this purpose. Nowadays you can buy online cast iron manhole covers easily. But there are many details that you need to know about manhole covers so that it fits the manhole exactly.


The size of a manhole cover depends on the size of the manhole’s clear opening. Thus the manhole cover will have exactly the same size as that of the manhole, but it will be slightly larger including the frame. A larger cover can be used, but it is always preferable to use the closest match always. You should never use a smaller one, as the cover could fall right through the hole and be of no use.


·         Ductile iron- these covers are quite solid and reliable. They don’t corrode easily and are also not brittle, so you can be assured that they are long lasting. Though cast iron has been used for making manhole covers for a long time, ductile iron being stronger has made it the better choice. You can find cast iron manhole covers online India much more easily than ductile iron, so cast iron is still being popularly used.

·         Recessed- these types of manhole covers have recessed areas which are suitable for laying a screed layer or a layer of block paving. This is a great idea for a decorative finish in driveways.

·         Solid top- these manhole covers are mad of lighter galvanised steel and they most often fit flush just at ground level. They also have inset grab handles and are used for lighter purposes.

Weight class

Manhole covers are divided into various weight classes according to important government regulations for the proper safety of people. The A15 is only meant for cyclists and pedestrian use. B125 is used for the occasional light traffic and the driveway duty, such as in access routes. The C250 is for slow moving vans and cars found mostly in car parks. D400 is a bit stronger and can withstand fast moving heavy traffic mostly found on the main roads. The E600 is for heavy plants and are found in dock and warehouses. The F900 is found in airports for high wheel loads.

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