How Authentic is Isagenix shakes Breakthrough in Meal Replacement Shakes?

You will agree that those in the weight loss industry, be they, buyers or sellers, never truly leave the market.

They're always waiting for the next big break in the industry. Has Isagenix shakes made a legit breakthrough though?

Keep in mind that there are different meal replacement shakes for weight loss for everyone out there, since even identical twins can have different systems that react to supplements differently. This Isagenix reviews' focus will be on examining whether or not it does what it purports to do. Let's start at the top with the basics though.

What Is Isagenix?

Like every other firm marketing its product, Isagenix believes it has one of the best meal replacement shake reviews with quite a number of products under its belt; including Isolean and some blast flat in 9 days product. It claims it has gone through extensive clinical trials over a long period of time (since it began operating in 2004) and these clinical trials have proven its effectiveness over a wide sample of participants.

That's a pretty big deal if this is true. Since one of the main reasons for mixed reviews in the industry for the meal replacement shakes for weight loss is the lack of well-conducted clinical trials.

That aside, what are the active ingredients in it? Keep reading and you should be able to determine for yourself, whether or not this firm should be taken seriously.

What Are the Ingredients in Isagenix shakes?

Milk Protein Concentrate

This is a rather inexpensive ingredient. It's milk extract that has been spray dried. And the protein extracted isn't even whey, but the more commonly found casein. In fact, some organizations have raised concerns about using this ingredient as they are mostly imported from countries with less stringent food safety standards than the US.

Furthermore, there have been some risks of melamine adulteration associated with this particular milk extract (can damage some organs in the body). And even the pasteurization method used to get this protein extract isn't effective against the melamine so you'll still find traces of it, even after processing.


An inexpensive sweetener with empty calories. Which actually promotes weight gain. So, it's a bit ironic that one of the supposed weight loss shakes will be using it as a sweetener.
In fact, there are studies that have linked fructose sweetener with high cholesterol levels in the blood, ergo the heart. So, most studies have concluded that this sweetener shouldn't be eaten at all.

Xanthan Gum

Another common ingredient found in most processed foods. It's an inexpensive fiber and thickener associated with some side effects like bloating and diarrhea.

Summary of Ingredients

This meal replacement shakes reviews, with an emphasis on Isagenix shakes, has found that while it has a considerable amount of protein (24 grams per serving), this protein is a low-quality extract, with possibly questionable toxins like melamine.

For its sweetener, it uses fructose, which has absolutely no nutritional value but actually counters the supposed weight loss effects of its own diet's shake. Since it becomes fat, not energy when digested.

Moreover, ingesting just 240 calories worth of this shake will add 11 whole grams of unhealthy sugar to your bloodstream. Understand how dangerous this is. The recommended daily allowance of sugar in males is 37 grams, and 25 grams in women.

A woman taking this diet shake twice a day will almost exceed her sugar intake. Just on supplements alone. Not taking into consideration the actual foods she'll be eating during the day, which contain natural and healthy sugars.

Fructose basically, shouldn't have a place in any meal replacement shake because it actually makes it more difficult to lose weight.


With all these poor supplements, you'd think it will be affordable but no. It isn't. Instead of spending on quality ingredients, Isagenix shakes spends more on enzyme ingredients which really have no place in the digestive tract of an otherwise healthy person.

Does Isagenix Shakes Work?

If it has something going for it, is its effective marketing strategy. Because it loads up on cheap and often unnecessary ingredients which really have no business being in meal replacement shakes.

Wrapping It Up

There are lots of option to purchasing meal replacement shakes and debate which shake to buy between Isagenix Shakes and shakeology. What surprised was the amount of mis-informed information they were throwing at each other. we remember one of the girls in Shakeology reviews said it works out to be a very affordable shake. The other was saying Isagenix is cheaper and has less sugar! These two certainly had not done a thorough research into both shakes.

However, I do not blame them as lots of the “positive” reviews for Isagenix and Shakeology are promoters or “coaches” who only care about making a commission. In terms of getting reliable, and honest information it can be very difficult.

As with most meal shakes, there are mixed user reviews on the effectiveness of the product. If you had to pick a replacement shake though, try and find diet shakes that at the very least, won't delay your weight loss goals by feeding you empty calories.

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