Diving Besides the Islands of Goa

Deep beneath the sea amongst the wonders of the ocean, you will get to uncover the mystery behind the calm and pristine waters. Goa is not just about the beaches and its nightlife; it is also about the deep ocean waiting for you to come and delve into its beauty. A dream destination for all, Goa is one of the most visited summer destinations in India.

Thanks to India’s long coastlinefor it favours scuba diving for every adventurer coming here. Under water diving in Goa is one of the favourite activities amongst tourists. Bordered by the Arabian Sea, this hot travellers' den contains plenty of exotic marine life. An abundance of fishes, reef sharks, turtles, and amphibian plants inhabit Goa's ocean waters. And thus, you just can't miss out on this, when in Goa.

A holiday in Goa is incomplete without taking a Grande Island trip through Atlantis Water Sports. Situated close to Vasco-da- Gama, it serves as one of the most visited travel destinations for tourists from worldwide. Because of its mid-water location, the only way to reach the spot is through water transport. A trip to Goa is not only for the adventure enthusiasts but also for the nature lovers who would love to see the pearl of the orient. The half-day Grande island trip's another exciting element is dolphins. You will be able to see many dolphins on the way to your destination.

Not only this, plunge deeper and get a load of the underwater coral and marine life. It is an ideal water sport for the first timers as the lessons and packages made by Atlantis Water Sports are made keeping in mind all types of tourists. For no swimmers, there is no need to worry as you do not have to float above the so swimming would not be something that is a must in scuba diving.

Here are the two best scuba diving spots you need to note down when going on an Island trip in Goa.

Sail Rock

Sail Rock is a rock pinnacle bulging out of the surface of the sea, located 1 km from Grande Island. Diving off the rocks and going into the sea can open up a wonderful world of aquatic life, flourishing in the waters of Goa. Here diving can let you have a closer view of the bigger fishes like Giant Barracuda, Tuna, Eagle Rays, Sharks, and Red Snapper.

And you will see smaller fish like Bannerfish, Moorish Idols, Blue Ringed Angelfish, and Yellowtail Snappers near the sloping wall. The site is about 8 to 24 meters deep. Due to powerful undercurrents in the depths, diving here is advisable for the expert scuba divers.

Turbo Tunnel

This narrow channel between a rock and the island is another wonderful diving site in Grande Island. At just 8 m of depth, this place is perfect for the beginners as well as the experienced divers to explore the underwater beauty.

The strong waves will land you into an underwater paradise of Surge City – an area of large boulders and sands, where exotic fish like parrotfish, small barracuda, stonefish, angelfish, triggerfish, porcupine fish, can be seen swimming.

Goa is certainly one of the hottest tourist destinations across the globe. Apart from spending all your time on the beaches of Goa, you can also indulge in other activities that will ensure you never forget your visit to Goa.

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