Use FRP Access Systems to Avoid Accidents inthe Workplace

Fibreglass reinforced plastic or FRP has brought a major change in the constructional as well as industrial sectors. FRP is a composite raw material that is manufactured by a unique process, known as pultrusion. Before the invention of this composite, the architects had been looking for a strong and durable raw material for the constructional uses. Their efforts are finally proven to be worthy with the invention of FRP.

Fiberglass or glass fibre has some amazing characteristics that make it superior to the traditional materials, like, steel, aluminum, iron and more. When it comes to FRP products, there are multitudes of options before you. FRP access systems are in high demand these days. Fibreglass access systems include the followings, ladders, handrails, grating and stair treads and more.

In the below section, I have discussed the uses and characteristics of the access systems, manufactured by fibreglass. If you are keen to know more about this, you may have a close look at the below section now.


The handrail is the best option for enhancing safety in the stair area. This access system can provide the users with excellent support and thus prevents them from falling or meeting accidents. Apart from, using the handrails in the stair areas, in factories, the industrialists also use ladder handrail for the safety of the workers. FRP handrail systems come with some fantastic benefits, like, light weighted, easy to install, maintenance free, rust and rot proof, resistant to corrosion, heat and electric.
Once you install this access system, you do not spend much on its maintenance. Moreover, they are available in different shapes, sizes and colours. This is the best advantage, associated with FRP handrails.


Those are the bygone days when ladders used to be manufactured only by the traditional materials, such as aluminum, iron, wood and so on. With the progression of time, the requirements of the industries are changed, and with this, the latest raw materials have been introduced. Fibreglass or FRP is the lately used raw material for manufacturing ladders for industries, like, oil and petrochemical, food and beverage, mining and more. FRP ladders are strong, yet light weighted, and this is why they are easy to install. You can select any design and style as per your requirement. For customized FRP solutions, choose the FRP product manufacturer wisely.

Stair Treads

Like the handrail system, this access system also plays the key role in maximizing safety in the stair areas. The main object of using stair treads is to prevent the climbers from falling. The installers place them on the surface of the stairs for offering the users a better grip to their feet. Fibreglass stairnosing can also prevent the climbers from falling. This is installed on the edges of the stair steps. These stair accessories have some great features, like, non-slip, robust, cost-effective, resistant to electric and heat, anti-corrosive and more.

So, these are the commonly used fibreglass products, increasingly used in different industries. Use these FRP access systems for improving the functionality of the industries.

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