Top Four Benefits of a Mediclaim Policy

It is seen that rising healthcare costs have the power to put an overwhelming burden on a person in case a loved one is admitted to a hospital. Add to this the mental anxiety about the health of the admitted patient, and what you get is an unfortunate and nerve-wracking scenario.  With Mediclaim policies, the policyholder gets to protect the health of the insured person and maintain financial stability in the process.

In this policy, the insurance company will offer you to pay for the hospitalization costs in case a named person is admitted within the tenure of the policy. Here are some benefits that you should read about before deciding whether to opt for a Mediclaim policy and use a Mediclaim premium calculator to calculate the premium applicable.

1 – Timely

Medical emergencies often come unannounced. Rather than worrying about the cash position at that time, you should be worrying about how to provide the best level of healthcare to the family member in such trying times. When you have the financial aspect taken care of with a Mediclaim policy, all you need to worry about is to provide great care by having the patient admitted to a good hospital.

2 – Versatile

Mediclaim policies have evolved significantly over the years. Today, you can opt for a single person insurance policy or go for a family floater plan. Under the group policy, even if one insured person falls ill and needs hospitalization, the policy can be utilized to compensate for the hospitalization costs.

Additionally, you get to pick a total cashless hospital stay for your family member (in case the hospital is associated as a network partner with your insurance provider). Thus, you need not pay anything from your pocket when you have approval for the cashless Mediclaim.

Even if you do not go for cashless treatment under a network hospital, you can go for the reimbursement approach. Under this, you can settle the hospital bills and then present the same for reimbursement from the insurance provider. Either way, you get total peace of mind.

3 – Easy to buy

Today, you need not step out of your home, spend time to visit multiple Mediclaim insurance companies’ offices, and then take a decision about which policy is good. Mediclaim policies are available online as well. You can buy them from the comforts of your home after doing a thorough check on the inclusion and features of the policy. Some insurance providers also show a Mediclaim premium calculator to help assess the premium payable for a specified sum insured amount.

4 – Covers many aspects

In addition to the room and medicine charges, there are other areas that the Mediclaim covers. A typical policy would provide cover for charges for doctors, anaesthetists, surgeons, specialists, and consultants. In addition, some companies also provide cover for ambulance charges, pre- and post-hospitalization costs, diagnostic charges, and day-care expenses. This makes Mediclaim policy a cost-effective way to manage hospitalization costs of your near and dear ones.  

These benefits show why it has become important to buy a Mediclaim and ensure a protective net on the health of your family. It also shows how the policy comes in handy at the right moment when you need it the most.

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