The Need for Heart Bypass Surgery

The modern lifestyle is preferred by many people, but they might not be aware of the side effects of the same. Today one may not have the idea how much the stress can damage his heart, and the unhealthy lifestyle can prove detrimental to the body. Hence the problems such as chest pain and blood clotting may come up which can prove fatal to the body. Heart bypass surgery is said to be the most anticipated and most studied procedure in the surgical field of medical science. The main aim of the surgery is to remove the blocked coronary arteries, and after removing the blocked arteries, they help in restoring the normal blood circulation.

What is Heart Bypass Surgery?

Coronary bypass is a type of surgery that has the capability and the effectiveness to remove any kind of blockage in the heart. It is also called as CABG or cabbage in short, and it bypasses the flow of the blood around the arteries in which they have clogged. By doing this operation, it will improve the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart. Coronary arteries are the arteries that can which help the blood flows to the heart, and it can sometimes become clogged by the buildup of the fat or cholesterol.

The clogging which usually occurs in the heart can stop the flow of the blood to the heart. On stopping the flow of the blood to the heart, it will turn to chest pain or in most cases; person suffers a heart attack. The objective of the heart bypass surgery is to increase the flow of the blood to the heart and after that to restore the normal function of the heart.

How is it done?

This done when a surgeon takes a piece of the blood vessel from the chest of the patient or even leg and after that, it is grafted to the aorta. This is the artery which leaves the heart, and after that, the surgeon grafts the other end to the coronary artery which is present beneath the block. By this, it creates a detour around the arterial blockage, and the number of passes is said to be single, double, triple or quadruple. These mainly depend on the number of the blocked coronary arteries.

Recovery from the Heart Bypass Surgery

After the heart bypass surgery has done, the patient then follows a recovery state. The recovery period is said to be a most important period in the heart bypass surgery. In this period the patient should be handled with care and caution. Heart Bypass Surgery in India cost is much less than the cost which is usually present in other countries.

The price of the heart bypass surgery can also be varied as per hospitals. Some of the top and reputed hospitals can charge you more for the heart bypass surgery while the normal hospitals will charge you much less than what the top-rated hospitals in India charged you. So, if you need bypass surgery, then you must watch out for the cost.

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