Brennan & Clark Collection Agency - Enter into Negotiations with Your Creditor to Stop Collection Calls

When you are in debt, it is obvious that creditors will call you for debt recovery. You will receive many collection calls in a day. These calls are frustrating however they do not mean you can deny the debts you have taken. Creditors will call you as they have a right to get their money back. Therefore, if you are getting collection calls for pending debts, ensure that you take steps to repay your debts so that these calls stop.

Brennan & Clark Collection Agency- How can you make collection calls stop?

Brennan & Clark Collection Agency is a reliable and esteemed name in the field of debt collection in the USA.  The experts here have over 30 years of experience in the field of debt recovery. They say when you have pending debts in the market ignoring the calls or even changing your phone number will not stop the collection calls. You should answer the call and confirm the debt belongs to you. There are laws relating to collection calls and they do not mean that legal action will be taken if you do not repay the debt. Unless it is fraud or embezzlement, you will not be charged as a criminal. Non-payment of debts comes under civil law in the USA.

Enter into an agreement with your creditor for stopping collection calls

You may enter into an agreement with your creditor to start to pay off the loans one by one. Once you and your creditor agree to pay off the loans, the collection calls will stop. A list of your debts will be made and you should start paying them off one by one. These debts will reduce gradually. When you pay off your debts you will see an increase in your credit score.

Understanding the terms and conditions of the agreement

When you are entering into a creditor agreement, you must understand the terms and conditions of the agreement. Read them carefully before you sign on the dotted line. The nature of the repayment should be done in such a way that you can repay the debt in affordable instalments every month. The tenure of the agreement is important. In case, you find it hard to repay the amount in a short period of time. It is here you should opt for a longer tenure. Here, your payments will be smaller and you can repay the amount for your debts due without default. The moment your agreement is signed, all collection calls will cease by the agency.

The professionals here at Brennan & Clark Collection Agency say that when you have debts pending, do not be afraid. There are debt settlement solutions for you to opt for. However, be sure that the amount pending for the repayment of debts is yours so that you do not become a victim of a rip-off. Speak to the collection agencies and verify your name, address and the amount so that you can repay the debts off smoothly and lift the burden off your shoulders with the passage of time. 

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