The Toxins that Trouble your Tresses

We all dream of having healthy, thick and lustrous hair whether it’s long or short. In the process we head to our supermarket and invest a fortune on flashy products sitting strategically on the aisles. We get carried away by the product’s unreal claims but fail to see the toxic materials that these over the counter products are laden with. So the next time you go shop for shampoo and conditioner look into the ingredients list and stay away from the following ingredients or just go for the best organic shampoo and conditioner available to you to stay safe.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate/ Sodium LaurethSulphate – Pick any shampoo or condition from the supermarket aisle and rest assured that you will find these carcinogenic SLS or SLES in the ingredients list. Apart from having the ability to cause a long list of severe health issues, the SLS and SLES gives the product its ability to lather up. All that foaming is what causes dryness, itchiness and flaking in the scalp by stripping off all the natural oils which keep it moisturized and healthy.
  • Paraben – Parabens are used in make up and skincare to preserve the product from the invasion of bacteria and growth of yeast and in these cosmetic products which sounds quite beneficial. But what we don’t know is that paraben is a well known carcinogen which has the ability to seep in through the skin and cause breast cancer and early puberty in young children due to its estrogen mimicking property.
  • Formaldehyde – Formaldehyde is also used in skincare products to deter the growth of bacteria and other harmful microbes in them. And not only that, it is known to cause various skinirritations and allergies over long term use.
  • Mineral oil – most cosmetic and skin care bran formulate their formulas with a mineral oils as a way to combat dry skin without making use of expensive oils like coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil and various essential oils. However, this cheap alternative is notorious for clogging the pores and suffocating the skin giving rise to acne, itchiness and rashes. It also damages the skin barrier which makes the skin unable to trap enough moisture and makes you scalp feel itchy and flaky.
  • Isopropyl – you can find this ingredient in conditioners from even the top most and most expensive brands. It is added to the products to help dissolve other ingredients and give a pump-able consistency to the product so they can be easily bottled. But isopropyl can be extremely drying for your hair and scalp which causes irreparable damage to the hair and scalp leading to hair breakage.
  • Fragrance – Most shampoos and conditioner use artificial fragrance to perfume their products. These fragrances have harsh chemical formulas which either affect the overall health of your hair and scalp or pose a threat to your health. So look for natural shampoos and conditioners which use essential oils to perfume their products.
Organic shampoo conditioner use natural ingredients in gentle formulas to give the love and care your hair truly deserves.

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