Subak Irrigation Network

Experts Also mentioned that Subak, in addition to technological systems, became a culture in Bali. Subak as a Technique of the technology of the original religion of the Balinese farmers.

The central installations of the irrigation water control system for every single member of Subak are pengalapan, jelinjing, and a cakangan. If at a given location rice field there are two or more adjacent cakangan to one another, then the elevation of these cakangan are the same.

However, the distinction in the width of the holes of the cakangan could be tolerated personalized with a wide margin of paddy areas.

Located close to Bandung and approximately 9 km / 6 miles to the north-east of nearby TangkubanPerahu crater, the attractions of Ciater reside inside the very heart of a spreading clove and tea plantation.

The Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort resides towards the end of the main road and serves as the top drawcard at the Ciater region, being among the best of its kind that the region has.

There are a collection of little sulfurous pools in the resort, that are fed by natural mineral springs, heated by volcanic activity, and are reputed to offer medical qualities.

A charming suburb town in West Java, Lembang became a thing of a hotspot for weekend excursions and stood on the foothills of a rather prominent mountain, where it's just 20 minutes from Bandung.

Other popular attractions and excursions worth contemplating include the TangkubanPrahu volcano, the Rancabali tea estate, the Ciater Hot Springs and also the Maribaya Hot Springs.

Manufacture, maintenance, and management of the utilization of irrigation facilities of Subak conducted jointly by the members.

Network from irrigation system Subak if discharged from water resources consist of Empelan/Empangan as a supply of water flow/dam. Bungas/Buka as an inlet. Aungan like closed drain or tunnel.

TelabahAya as the primary water channel.TembukuAya as the Primary building for the distribution of water. TelabahTempek since the branch water channel.TelabahCerik as a twig water channel.

TelabahPanyacah, in some areas known as Penasan, Panca, and Pamijian. Through this Subak system, farmers receive water according to the conditions fixed by the deliberation of the members of Subak and guided by the doctrine of Tri Hita Karana.

Consequently, the activity in organizations/associations of Subak comprises not only agricultural problems but additionally includes issues of ritual and worship to invoke decent luck and fertility.

Rice field, rice plants, and the water have a significant part in the Subak Irrigation Network system is even associated with a religious aspect. All those three are linked to the energy of Dewi Sri.

Consequently, Subak not only modulates the issue and delivery of water but additionally the social and religious aspects.

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