Entrepreneurial Lessons – What Can You Learn From Wonder Woman

Created by internationally renowned psychologist Dr. William Moultan Marston, Wonder Woman made her first appearance in the year 1942. From there on, she has been looked upon as a soldier, suffragist and of course, sex symbol.

More to the point, she’s all the rage amongst her fans in comparison to other comic book superheroes! Not to mention those millions of people who also look up to her as an all-time inspiration.

But guess what...  Wonder Woman is an inspiration for business owners as well. If you’ve been in the business world and are looking for some motivation, then look no further, for you have landed in the right place. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of entrepreneurial lessons that one can take from our all time favourite “Wonder Women”.

So, let’s get started...

Fight for Peace, Truth and Equality!

Irrespective of her being an Amazonian fighter, the main objective of Wonder Woman was to endorse peace, equality and truth! And you know what... this is what has made her the appealing and amazing leader that she is. To top it off, this is the sole reason why “The Lasso of Truth” is her most popular weapon, which compels people to speak the truth, though it might be hard to hear.

Not only Wonder Woman, but with honesty, integrity and truth even business owners can become heroes; mind you, this is what makes you an excellent leader! With these 3 weapons in hand, you can rally investors, employees, customers and stakeholders around you, and come up with the best business decisions ever. Moreover, this is what helps you stand out from those shady competitors.

Put to Use The Power Of Understanding

Diana has the ability to catch sight of others feelings – in simpler words, she possesses the power of empathy! Well, we think that’s more than enough for us to understand as to why she’s the core member of Justice League.

Speaking of business owners, understanding is perhaps an essential skill that they can; in fact, must possess. Only when you’ll walk into your employee’s shoes will you be able to get your head around and puzzled out their pain points. Isn’t that what being an entrepreneur is all about – making this world a better place to live in!

Be on Top Of Your Game, Though The Odds Aren’t In Your Favour

Whenever it has come to having a dust-up against gods, monsters and even partners, counting Superman, Wonder Woman has given it her all and boldly taken up arms! Though it seemed like the odds aren’t working in her favour, Diana never failed to face the antagonist for the betterment of humankind. Besides, she always gets into fights with a plan. You see... she is an exceptional strategist and does not simply smash things around her (well, Hulk would absolutely love doing just that!)

Being a part of the business universe means just one thing – odds will always be piled up against you.  So, it’s better to be on top of your game and test the waters before getting into it!

Make Your Weakness Your Strength

As you may know, the trademark of Wonder Women is her bullet-repellent, eternal bracelet, even though its back-story falls slightly on the evil side. Widely known as the “bracelet of submission”, the people of Amazon were ordained to wear them after being captivated and confined by Hercules. But even after attaining freedom, they decided to wear it with pride and as a sign of the past subjugation they were able to prevail over.

Similarly, being an entrepreneur, odds are you might often see yourself and the business in pools of trouble, such as denial by a financer or your business failing. So, rather than allowing your failures to hold you back why not embrace and turn them into your strength?

Appreciate the Efforts And Celebrate Success Together

It goes without saying that Wonder Woman has had her share of successful outcomes, but by no means has she ever taken pride in it; rather, she has made it a point to give credits whenever it’s due. Remember the scene where Steve Trevor says that it was her who saved the day to which she replies, “No! We did this.”? Yeah! Now, that’s we mean by sharing the glory of success!

So, as a great business owner, never try to take credits that your employees truly deserve. In fact, appreciate their hard work and efforts, and celebrate success as a team.

Well, there you have it – there really are some exceptional lessons to learn from Wonder Woman! So get going, take a leaf out of Diana’s book and implement the lessons you just learnt into your business to see some real-time results!

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