A Comprehensive Guide On Cushion Arrangement

When it comes to your house, the only thing that comes to your mind is – comfort! Perhaps, you could either get it from that designer radiator helping you to set up the right temperature or from those fluffy cushions offering a cosy vibe!

Speaking of comfort and cushions; no matter whether you are sitting or sleeping, you always need one to snuggle with. Seriously, like what is up with cushions that we can’t hold ourselves from not grabbing and squeezing one? For sure they’ve become an essential part of your everyday live!

Well, the way pillows have a special place in your lives, they’re equally important when it comes to revamping your living room or the entire house. Of course, now you might be wondering as to how you can use those cushions to bring the best out of your house and where exactly do you need to start, right? But don’t you worry because we’ve got you covered!

Below we’ve mentioned a comprehensive guide, which includes everything right from where to start to the best way to arrange cushions. So, read on and grab some ideas!

Where to start?

First of all, there are no special home rules as to how and in which way you should be arranging cushions in your house. And you definitely don’t have to carry out any special experiments like NASA scientists at your home! Simply start by placing them on your good old couch and take a look from all directions of your house. After whacking your brains behind arranging them for nearly 15-20 minutes, you will finally get a proper hang of how you can place them in the best possible way. You can try all variations along with the numbers you are comfortable with and then choose the arrangement that you like the most.

The insides matter

Now, every cushion has a different filling and that’s what makes them stand out from others. Whilst some might have foam, the others might have polyester wadding. Though polyester wadding helps a cushion to maintain its shape, it doesn’t make them look that appealing as compared to other fillings.

You can look for cushions that have natural fillings, such as feather as it makes them more squishy and fluffy. Moreover, you can plump their shape as per your needs and get the required comfort.

Well, those cushions with natural fillings are not cheap as you might expect them to be, but hey, isn’t it worth investing your money in stuff that gives you comfort? But if you’re looking for something that’s not only within your budget, but also provides you with the much-needed comfort, then you can go for cushions that come with a combination of fillings, like pillows filled with foam and wrapped up in feathers. This way you can ensure that you’re within your comfort zone, also your cushion doesn’t lose its shape in the long run.

Shape them

Since cushions are fluffy and squishy, you can easily change their shape whenever you want to, like while watching a TV show, hogging on food, drooling on them, etc. Moreover, you can give them a specific as per the occasion. For instance, if you have invited guests at your home, then set the cushions as per the theme of your house party. Or if it’s your squad coming home to catch up on a football game, then give those cushions a good round shape. If you see, the ideas are countless but you got the hang of it, right?

So, how many do you actually need?

This is a million dollar question, isn’t it? No doubt, this would’ve been the actual question in your mind while looking for solutions… well, fret not, because we are here to your rescue! Go to your room and list out all the activities you do and figure out your comfort zone, such as how would you like to rest your arms, feet and your head, and then accordingly place the pillows. Also it’s better that you get cushions as per the number of people in your home to avoid kids fighting over it.

Best way to arrange

If you are obsessed with proper arrangement just like us, then why not try the 2:2:1 ratio for both your couch and bed? Simply place two large cushions of the same colour on either side and then place two smaller cushions of complementary colour in the middle to go hand in hand with the larger ones. We are sure that your OCD will be satisfied with this symmetrical arrangement.

But if you are not someone who likes to have things in a specific manner, then you may certainly go ahead with a less formal arrangement. You can get odd numbers of cushions and try placing them only on one side of your couch and see if that style pleases you.

After reading this article, we hope you’ve got a general idea as to how you put to use those cushions at your home in the best way possible and raise the bar of your home amongst your friends and guests.

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