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Three cities are best ones to travel in the country of Australia and these three cities are Perth, Hobart and Darwin. The fact is that; you always go and search for the places that you like the most. Apparently, these cities are preferred cities of people around the world. The sand you observe in these cities that has the colour of dark brown due to the hotness. Beautiful scene of nature increases your attraction towards these cities. You observe the mountains as well as beautiful buildings around everywhere in these cities. There are boats and yachts in which you can take the fun of ride. We will discuss about these cities in detail.

Perth a wonder city to travel

If you like to live under the ingredients of nature then you must visit to the Kings Park. This is the park in Australia that covers around 400 hectares. It is estimated that; this park is the largest one rather than New York’s Central Park. If you are interested to check the varieties of plants then you should be the part of botanical gardens.  There is the Botanical Café where you can sit and drink the coffee. Besides, Fraser’s Restaurant is there in the city of Perth where you can eat your favourite dishes. One thing must be notified by you that; Kings Parks have an availability of playgrounds where children can play their favourite physical games. You can also bask in the sun by sitting at Cottesloe Beach with Lease Nissan . You will be astonished to know that; lot of people come here and enjoy the deep sunlight. You should come here along with your children and family members. Swan River is there in which you take the ride of Cruise. Hillarys Boat Harbour is there where you can have myriad fun along with your children. During summer holidays, children take an interest to have the great fun along with their parents.

Hobart the second oldest city of Australia

This is the city where one can eat delicious and fresh seafood. Besides, you will come to know about prominent markets and excellent destination like Hobart Rocks. Secondly Salamanca is the place where one can find the sandstone buildings that are impersonated into restaurants, cafes, bars and the shops. The museum of old and new art is also the famous place of Hobart. If you think that; your children should get the knowledge about old and new things then they must go to this museum. This thing becomes very knowledgeable when you come to know that the founder of this museum gives the name of “subversive adult Disneyland”. This part can be the part of your children’s knowledge. Historic Hobart Harbour is the beautiful one where one can observe to the prominent Sydney to Hobart yacht race. It is the best harbour to roam. Salamanca Markets are great ones and also known as Australia’s best markets. There is a street of vendors where you can eat your favourite food. I know that; some of you like the food that can brings you the taste. Historical Battery point is also there that is surrounded by posh and old looking houses. I love this place and I ensure you that; you will enjoy a lot to sit inside the cafes of this place. Other places are there in Hobart that are given below:
  •         Female Factory – It is the world heritage property.
  •         Cascade Brewery – You can enjoy drinking beers and cider.
  •         Mt. Wellington- It is also known as “the Mountain”.

Darwin the modern destination of Australia

If you want to enjoy in the season of winter then this destination is the perfect one to roam. You can visit to seven beautiful destinations in Darwin and these destinations are Tiwi Islands, Litchfield, Kakadu National Parks, Adelaide River, Mary River, Arnhem Land and the Katherine Region. When it comes to the perspective of sunset then you should think that; there is no place in Australia as compare to Darwin. The scene of sunset takes your mind to an aspect of Spirituality. If you are interest to see the waterfalls then you must visit to Litchfield National Park. There are some people in Australia who love to eat the food of India, Thai and Nonya. Darwin Sky Club is there where one can eat the favourite foods.


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